The resurgence of Men’s grooming & the Indian Man

Are you camera-ready? At every corner, you will find a selfie-ready man ready to be photographed. However look at any pre and post-world war pictures and when we see any military pictures, one sees well-groomed and well-dressed uniformed men, photo-ready from any angle.
The trend of being dapper cannot be credited alone to the military, for whom grooming is as natural as breathing, even at the most demanding times. Looking at the images of dapper men from the pre and post-World War era, one can see the men who took care to look well-groomed.

What Contributed to this growth and interest?

In the modern world, post-colonial, the importance of being well groomed lost importance and emphasis, men were reduced to a scanty selection at most department stores, baring a few luxury brands like Tabac from the brand Mäurer & Wirtz in 1959 and the oldest from Shulton company Old Spice still being used since 1937! Tabac, and Old Spice followed P&G’s Gillette range to name a few authentic brands that are still being sold worldwide, original Tabac is distributed in India by BCPL. While the women’s beauty industry burgeoned with options pegged at a whooping USD $ 532 globally and the men’s Industry hovering at a mere 1%. With the advent of scientific discovery, aided by Hollywood glamour queens doing product placement. Men’s grooming was relegated to barber shops around the corner and some very niche high end not easily accessible grooming salons.

The perception again shifted towards the end of the 20th Century and the coming of the new millennium and the millennium man, and it has become acceptable for men to spend money on themselves promoting better skincare and care routines in general and spending on appearance. The New Age metrosexual avatar of the gentlemen of the late 19th century and the swinging dapper men from the early 1920s. The advent of social media, smartphones, and cameras was a social shift that few anticipated. Technology and the rise of e-commerce shopping aided by social and economic movements, triggered the selfie rage, and suddenly it was very masculine and cool for men to also beauty regimes, get manicures, pedicures facials at most trendy Indian Salon that opened up to take in both men and women clients. In 2019 the male grooming Industry was valued at USD $ 60 Billion worldwide, with a growth rate of 5% every year tipped at reaching USD 81 Billion globally. Thus becoming one of the fastest-growing segments in the Beauty Industry.

Today, the most important brand, again thanks to the age of social media, is the Self. We are now at an evolution of men’s grooming, being more embracing of facial hair, and punk rock and military haircuts reserved for the followers of that lineage movement have all become mainstream.BCPL Beauty Concept since its inception in 1998, has been one of the flag bearers of this movement bringing trusted brands to provide options to the well-groomed new-age Indian man. Mainstream Bollywood and top Sports players like Virat Kohli and Phillips, Neeraj Chopra and Gillette India Rishabh Pant and Himalayan, have capitalized on this trend with more Indian brands who are entering this niche market; The Man Company, Bombay Shaving Company, Nykaa Man, Ustra to name few. Serving all budgets and age groups.

How different is Beauty for men as compared to women?

Men’s skin and nails are very different from women and designer and artist Karim Rashid whose nail polish range addresses this difference. The chief difference is in the composition, 20% thicker, 70% more oily, and 40% sweaty. Men have a thicker seborrheic layer which is tougher than women. Hormones and environmental exposure also are chief contributing factors to the difference in reaction as compared to women.

The Way Forward for Men’s Grooming.

Despite the resistance to self-care for Men, this segment of the Beauty Industry is a trend that will not be slowing down anytime soon. With the growth of the conscious shopper and a more aware shopper, and the beard renaissance coupled with most men looking to go beyond the simplistic care routine to more indulgent routines similar to the average woman. With both large and small players entering the focus on the niche market of the men’s Beauty Industry, we can see the growth increase and the Men’s Beauty Industry becoming increasingly mainstream.

Share your thoughts if you feel it is important for men to be conscious about their Male Beauty regimes beyond the established simple care that is mainstream.

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