Best of 2023 and what will still dominate 2024~ Let it glow

The best of 2023 trends that dominated beauty and make-up, from metallics to rouge pouts and smokey eyes and glowing skin, glass skin, skin care with skin cycling, and latte makeup trends. Dior show in India brought the focus back on the eyes and with softer fuller natural lips making their pout with down-to-earth hues. The rise of menโ€™s beauty self-care and more focus on barbershop routines at home made a strong statement. Barbie mania and major concerts that Tylor Swift, Beyonce, Madonna, and Harry Styles dominated making economies, breaking records, and proving that big gatherings and concerts will flow into 2024.

Skin shall glow the world over

Korean beauty brands and Korean glass skin made a major stamp post-pandemic with major brands from organic new launches to the best of major brands all making products that make self-care routines more mainstream. Our Blog on the Beaute Luxe website touches on the importance of taking care and reaping the benefits of good hair and skin.

Make-up trends that dominated 2023

From dewy skin to concealer and contour hacks, high cheekbones that go as high as the ear, come hither eyes, grunge meets royalty, a combination of barely there lips and rouge pouts. Our blog covered the looks in detail with products.

The Barber Shop comes home

The resurgence of menโ€™s grooming on a more conscious level with more products that address menโ€™s skincare regime, with products that give men an opportunity to indulge in self-care. Men's skin is thicker and needs products that address very specific needs. Beauty concepts explored various brands that address men's grooming. For more details read here;

Trending in 2023 and beyond into 2024

The Cafe Latte look can be easily achieved with the Beauty Scentiments with its diverse offering of makeup to help you achieve this trend that has been around for a while now but keeps coming back as a quintessential and dependable look that is all-inclusive and encompassing.
The trend is leading the way into 2024. The list of products and more about the look can be read here;ย

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