• Hazy Shades of Pink Glow

    Hazy Shades of Pink Glow
    Winter's arrival brings about a magical transformation in the world around us. Amidst the crisp air and frosty landscapes, there's a subtle phenomenon that unfoldsโ€”a hazy shade of pink glow that paints the winter scenery with an ethereal touch. How nature and the natural season impact make-up this season. This phenomenon, often overlooked, deserves a closer look as we delve into the enchanting beauty it imparts to the winter season.
  • Best of 2023 and what will still dominate 2024~ Let it glow

    Best of 2023 and what will still dominate 2024~ Let it glow
    The best of 2023 trends that dominated beauty and make-up, from metallics to rouge pouts and smokey eyes and glowing skin, glass skin, skin care with skin cycling, and latte makeup trends. Dior show in India brought the focus back on the eyes and with softer fuller natural lips making their pout with down-to-earth hues. The rise of menโ€™s beauty self-care and more focus on barbershop routines at home made a strong statement. Barbie mania and major concerts that Tylor Swift, Beyonce, Madonna, and Harry Styles dominated making economies, breaking records, and proving that big gatherings...
  • The resurgence of Menโ€™s grooming & the Indian Man

    The resurgence of Menโ€™s grooming & the Indian Man
    Are you camera-ready? At every corner, you will find a selfie-ready man ready to be photographed. However look at any pre and post-world war pictures and when we see any military pictures, one sees well-groomed and well-dressed uniformed men, photo-ready from any angle. The trend of being dapper cannot be credited alone to the military, for whom grooming is as natural as breathing, even at the most demanding times. Looking at the images of dapper men from the pre and post-World War era, one can see the men who took care to look well-groomed. What Contributed...
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