Embarking on Your Fragrance Journey: A Beginner Guide to Layering Scents- Part 1

Entering the world of fragrances can be an enchanting experience, akin to unlocking a treasure trove of olfactory delights. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned connoisseur, mastering the art of layering scents can elevate your fragrance game to new heights, allowing you to create unique olfactory compositions that captivate the senses. Hereโ€™s how you can embark on this aromatic adventure with our series on How to layer fragrances.ย 

Understanding the Basic layering;

The olfactory world is bejeweled with accords, some fine, elegant others strong, and emboldened with strong aromas like oudh. It takes an expert or someone with a keenly developed nose and practice to understand subtle differences and how to personalize the fragrance layers.ย ย 

Before we can get technical, we need to begin at the very base layering in simple and effective ways to enhance our simple signature scent. To make a fragrance impact on your body and make this last longer, most personal care brands with perfumes have invented an easy way to begin your olfactory journey. Creating an in-depth understanding of what works and what makes your remembrance notes memorable as you waft in and out of space. Layering is a romantic pursuit in personal care with an affair with yourself to understand what notes resonate with you. Spaces that hold our imprint and the environment that we belong to that makes us who we are. Here are some basic steps to layering that will enhance and help you create your signature.

Basic layering steps;

Step 1. To make the fragrance linger longer, pick any smell that makes you feel light as air and happy. Let us say someone likes floral smells and would like to smell like flowers and be able to sustain that smell on the body. Begin with the shower gel or soap that is consistent with a floral smell, anything like jasmine, Lily of the Valley, peonies, gardenia, etc.ย 

Step2. Pamper your damp skin with some floral base skin oil, this helps to seal the moisture and the smell. Oil has fat and that is beneficial for the skin to be protected. Oil seals in moisture faster and helps protect the skin from cracking with extreme temperatures, which can be heat or cold. Ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians also mastered the art of fragrant water baths that moisturize the skin, decreasing the chance of skin flaking or drying. If oil is not your thing choose a moisturizer with oil and in the same fragrance family- like floral.

Step3. Finish the steps by spritzing your favorite body splash. Body mists are perfect for any beginner, they are easy to spritz all over the whole body with fragrance intensifying the effect.ย 

There are more technical components to layering fragrance like understanding the opening notes, the middle or heart of the perfume, and the base.ย 

There are more factors to consider, like ingredients, strong notes, layering of all the nuances, and making an impact that is distinctly your own.ย 

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